Civil Constructions

At 3B World Contracting Co, we undertake all kinds of Construction works from foundation to completion stage for both Commercial as well as Resdiential properties. We have one of the most experienced civil workers, engineers and MEP team who are capable to handle any job and ensure its completion on time.  Be it Construction, Re-Construction or Renovation, We can offer an appropriate solution with an affordable price. We also supply skilled and unskilled Manpower for any construction site for anyone who needs them.

Construction services

We have experience in the following:

  • General Construction of Residential Buildings,
  • Public Construction of Non-Residential Buildings,
  • Construction of Airports and their facilities,
  • Public Construction of Government Buildings,
  • Construction of Prefabricated Buildings on sites,
  • Renovation of Residential and Non-Residential Buildings,
  • Construction, Repair and Maintenance of Roads, Streets, Sidewalks and Road Requirements,
  • Construction, Repair and Maintenance of Bridges and Tunnels,
  • Construction of Railways and Airstrips,
  • Preparing sites for excavation and leveling,
  • Casting bases and foundations,
  • Ground water withdrawel and site drying,
  • Installation, Repair and Maintenance of Electrical equipments,
  • Repair and Maintenance of Electrical Transformers for power transmission or Distribution of specialized types,
  • Repair and Maintenance of Engines, Generators and Steem generating devices,
  • Repair and Maintenance of Electrical Distribution and Control Devices,
  • Installation, Repair and Maintenance of Electrical Lighting Equipments,
  • Repaair and Maintenance of Electrical wires and Circuits,
  • Extenstion of Electrical and Communication wires,
  • Network extensions,
  • Installation and extenstion of television and satellite networks,
  • Installation and extension of Computer Networks and Communications,
  • Installation of Lighting systems,
  • Installation and Maintenance of Alarm devices and equipments,
  • Installation and Maintenance of Security Devices,
  • Installation and Maintenance of Trafic Safety devices,
  • Installation, Maintenance and Repair of Electric Gas or Oil Heating Systems,
  • Gas pipeline extenstion, Maintenance and Repair,
  • Extension of Oil and Gas pipelines,
  • Extension of Water Lines between and within cities and the establishment of new networks,
  • Construction, Repair and Maintenance of Stations and Main Lines for Water Distribution,
  • Repair and Maintenance of Sewage stations and projects, Sewage networks and Pumps,
  • Construction, Installation, Repair and Maintenance of Electric Power stations and Transformers,
  • Construction of Telecommunications, Rader stations and Towers,
  • Construction of refining and petrochemical stations and refineries,
  • Public Sports Constructions including stadiums,
  • Demolition and Removal of Buildings and others.

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